About Nicholas


My Background
It was my European grandmother who first taught me about the magic of pastry.

I can still see her, slathering a thin layer of icing on a poppyseed strudel... and smell the sweet aroma of strawberries stewing in a pot before they are made into jam... and hear the laughs of delight as she unveiled the first plum tart of the fall season.

For hours, I would watch her transform the most basic ingredients - flour, sugar, a few eggs, fresh fruit from our garden - into the most magnificent tortes, cakes, strudels and cookies imaginable.

But it wasn't just the exquisite flavors and mouthwatering aromas that I came to appreciate about baking. Like no other food, pastry has the power to capture memories. To forge and preserve connections. To bring people together. To make people smile. And that is the essence of my own passion for pastry.

It was this passion and inspiration that led me to attend the French Pastry School in Chicago, where I had the honor to train with some of the top pastry chefs in the world. Since graduating, I worked at the Sofitel Hotel and Julius Meinl in Chicago before deciding to develop my own independent pastry brand focusing on classic and innovative European style specialty cakes, sweet tables, breads, private events & class instruction.

My Craft
I believe that it is only through using the best quality ingredients that any food, especially pastry, is worth the time and effort to make.

I understand that everyone carries with them unique tastes, preferences and perspectives, and I relish the challenge of creating the perfect pastry for any palette.

I respect the legacy of European pastry and seek to share these timeless recipes.

Nicholas Devries     P: 773.260.2689     NICHOLAS.DEVRIES@LIVE.COM